Using the equations of synergetic relationships, my generation has a greater possibility to touch more peoples lives metaphysically and physically then any other generation before us; and that number will only increase from here. Everyday we will continue to gain opportunities.

If Life is Synergetic…

The body will only continue to become more and more separate from the metaphysical conditions of the human mind. The mind will be controlled on Spaceship Earth by the Earthling body to use the mind to metaphysically control universal probes, video imagery and experiments. We will realize that the body is most beneficial as an object for experiencing and sensing, physical beauty and vision. The body will become a powerful tool in manipulation, muscular strength and showmanship. While the body’s mind will exponentially increase in wealth and will exist in a synergetic manner connected by a virtual energy line. In the Operating manual for Spaceship Earth, R. Buckmister Fuller recognizes that,  “Man’s really important function in the universe was his intellection, which taught him to intercept and redirect local energy patternings in the universe and thus to reorganize and shunt these flow patterns.”  (page 92)   The metaphysical mind will continue to increase in storage capacity, social networking, and creativity. If life is synergetic; spontaneous existence of multiple relationships will form in macrocosmic areas to atomic strands to points between two or infinite counter parts. This is how we will define life and futuristically measure wealth.

In year 2013, over seven billion humans have begun to re-rank themselves. We have begun to recognize how precious Earthen natural resources are and have started many wars over who controls each atom of it. Globalization of technology has directly effected the wealth of 1st world countries; while creating a larger gap between the third world countries. Currently third world countries make up around 85% of the world’s population. The philosophy of Buckmister Fuller recognizes that for our spaceship to work effectively, the controls should be operated under a global regulation.  “At the present moment our Spaceship Earth is in the perilous condition of having the Russians sitting at one set of the co-pilot’s flying controls while the Americans sit at the other. France controls the starboard engines, and the Chinese control the port engines, while the United Nations controls the passenger operation.”  (page 116)  Still today many of the primitive cultures are developing at an exponentially slower rate then the cultures that have. This is because humans have not prioritized and were not yet given the means to hone their creative ability to maximized their metaphysical means of conducting scientific experimentation, and are still trapped in an object like body.

Earth will soon be thought of being divided into two major human categories of body and metaphysics. Humans of only earthly presence, will represent the naive enslaved state of the humans lost in history. This is not to say culture and tradition shouldn’t be respected. Third world countries are advancing at a slower rate;  but just as Buckminster Fuller warns us eventually all things are advancing at spontaneous moments . “Our planet is a forwardly – operative, metabolic and intellectual regenerating system.” (page 87) There will also be humans of cosmic dwelling, who have been born into a higher developed technological stream. They will be born into a system, which, will best nourish their bodily senses at an early childhood stage and be introduced to technology once all sensory systems are mastered. Creativity and exploration will drive their technological society.

Slowly, but surely the ebb and flow of hybridization will cover all points of Spaceship Earth’s surface. Generations down the line will have no language barriers. They will have automated voice translators, as to better communicate with the mere thought to any secretor of earthly people. “Our space vehicle is similar to a human child. It is increasing aggregate of physical and metaphysical processes in contradistinction to a withering, decomposing corpse.” (page 86) Buckmister Fuller urges us to think as large as possible. We also have to think as futurists, allowing us to create different scenarios and further develop systematic interdisciplinary circuits to help manage our Spaceship Earth’s most pressing issues.

Using the equations of synergetic relationships, my generation has a greater possibility to touch more peoples lives, metaphysically and physically, than any other generation before us; And that number will only increase from here. Everyday we will continue to gain opportunities. Many societies and relationships are already virtual, from cellphones, to social media, online photography sharing, online university classes. Some humans have already metaphysically connected to their future spouses through online dating systems. I have a feeling that at the rate the communication is developing, we will laugh at how obsolete the systems have become in even ten years time. Each human is like a blinking receptor with the ability to receive and omit their own metaphysical matter to other receptors at a speed so fast that it seems like the most probable way of exploring the outer cosmic universe.

If life is synergetic, unpredicted by its  separate parts; then life itself happens when it is manipulated and designed.  Creative endeavors from human life are what produce global change. The jovial human spirit has not ceased to inspire awe throughout all recorded time. If nothing else, we can conclude that metaphysical humans have the mental capacity to expand their own understanding of self. Out of the darkness of anthropomorphism into the darkness of  the vast universe.

“Our little Spaceship Earth is only eight thousand miles in diameter, which is almost a negligible dimension in the great vastness of space. Our nearest star – our energy-suppling mother-ship, the Sun – is ninety-two million miles away, and then next nearest star is one hundred thousand times further away. It takes two and one-half years for light to get to us from the next nearest energy supply ship star.  That is the kind of space-distance pattern we are flying. Our little Spaceship Earth is right now traveling at sixty thousand miles an hour around the sun and is also spinning axially, which, at the latitude of Washington, D.C., adds approximately one thousand miles per hour to our motion. Each minute we both spin at one hundred miles and zip in orbit at one thousand miles. That is a whole lot of spin and zip.” (page 50)

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